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Updated: May 23, 2022

Always our customers when they ask us, at the beginning of the process, when it is good to deliver the Parties ... they are told that according to the Protocol, the Invitations are delivered between 3 months to 1 before the marriage and that in general it is done 1 1/2 month before.

But nowadays "Save the Date" is also very fashionable, a trend that (as always ...) we import from the outside and whose translation is: "Save, Save or Save the Date".

I tell you what it's about ... it's the first presentation that your neighbors will have in relation to your wedding, since they are graphic pieces (Printed or Digital ... Photography, Video, etc.) that are sent to their closest or who are safe that they will be invited to the Marriage, they just put a date to the Event (normally between 12 to 6 months before the Event).

Nowadays it has become a trend, since the Couples are becoming more innovative in the process of creating this Invitation, which is absolutely informal! This invitation basically contains the names of the Bride and Groom (only names), the date of the Wedding and the place where it will take place. As it is an informal invitation, it can be sent through social networks, mail, whatsapp, etc.

This invitation not only serves as an informal announcement to your Guests of this important date that you must leave free to attend, but also for:

a) ... ask your neighbors to keep the date of the wedding in mind when planning your vacation, if it falls on a special date such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc. or if it falls between special dates such as Christmas and New Year, before a holiday or long weekend, etc.

b) ... that your guests can schedule their Trips and book Flight, Hotel, etc., in case the Marriage is in another City or Country.

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