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7 7 Basic Tips for Having Little Pajecitos

Updated: May 23, 2022

Having children in your court is very common, but there are certain things you should take into account before making that decision.

1. Age for the little pages

There is no age in general, but it is recommended that children be between 4 and 7 years old. It is better that they are not very young because they can be scared when entering the church.

2. Number of boys and girls

This depends on you and your partner, there is no fixed number for the amount there should be. There may be 1 child, like 10 children, you choose. Remember that gender does not matter either, they can be boys or girls.

3.What are the little ones carrying?

There are two essential things the little pages, the wedding rings and the flower petals that they will throw on the way to the altar. It is also fashionable to have signs that welcome the Bride with phrases like: "Here comes the bride" "Here comes the love of your life" etc.

4. At what time do they enter the church?
The custom is that they enter after the last lady, that is, before the bride enters. With the petals they will mark the way for the bride. But, I have seen certain weddings that the little ones enter in strollers and the ladies wear them, and it will depend on you and your creativity.
5. How to keep them calm and happy?
You should always remember that they are children and there will always be room for mischief, so do not stress if something does not go as planned.
To reduce the nerves, I recommend you do some pre-wedding tests. Do not choose many children because coordinating them all will be difficult. And keep in mind that your accomplices and those who will help you will be the children's parents.
6. Boys 'and girls' costumes
Here I advise you that the dress has harmony with the tones of your decoration, with the dresses of the ladies and also with your bouquet. Remember that the dresses of the pages will steal glances and what you will love most is that they look adorable. Take into account the weather, because if your wedding is in a hot climate, it is better to use materials such as linen or cotton, but if it is at night and your wedding is very elegant, the shirts and dresses for your pages will go very well.
        7. Who pays for the costumes of the pages?
There are three options, the first, if you have a budget, is to assume all costs of the costumes. If you choose this option I recommend that you look for the place where they will make the costumes or the place where you are going to buy them and ask the parents of the children to go to the same place.




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